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Learn, Get Trained, Grow Skills to Conquer The Digital World.

Are you looking to acquire new tools and knowledge to boost your career digitally?

A whole new profession in the digital world is on the horizon for you. Your business or career endeavour will reach greater heights with the help of Web Pathshala’s online instructional centre for budding entrepreneurs, students, homemakers and professional individuals. Support and training will come from industry experts who implement digital strategies in their everyday lives and share their expertise in our courses, workshops, and Master Classes. In addition, Web Pathshala brings you in-demand practical training sessions to pave your paths to success.


The pillars of your development

Focused Training

Web Pathshala builds and delivers virtual training programs for a positive digital transformation of your business or career. Upgrading your career path is our primary vision, hence, our courses focus on providing more strategic and practical knowledge to help improve decision-making capabilities and obtain a better real-time return on investment.

Advance Program Design

Motivation is as or more important than content. For individuals to do the courses, take the time to learn and, above all, to implement the learning, they must be motivated. Hence, we constantly upgrade content design to be inspirational and cover all areas you should know if you run a business or are starting one.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

You will study at a rapid speed thanks to our highly-trained staff of specialists with many years of expertise. Our team provides approaches to contextualised professional development that bridges the road to success. Through our digital marketing experts/teachers, we also assist our students learn and thrive in every digital marketing field.

Fee That Is Within Reach

Due to the streamlined process of our online training courses, we ensure accessibility to the best of digital business education for all our students. With our systematic online training programs, students will learn more and pay less. Web Pathshala aims at helping the students to get faster results through fewer payments.

Capitalize Digital World Through Fundamentals of Marketing and Counseling

Nowadays, social media marketing has become one of the main ways to sustain businesses and companies.

Therefore, we provide digital marketing course bundles that include both long-term and short-term programs for search engine marketing, content writing, EMail marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, and more.

Therefore, Digital Marketing has been the fundamental aspect of our courses.
Through these critical aspects, we will help in growing your business.

Courses we Offer

Digital Marketing
In this course, students will have an in-depth knowledge of search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, Google analytics, social media marketing, content marketing, and much more. This course takes you from the foundations of digital marketing to expertise by combining practical practice and excellent academic study. Understanding behavioral psychology and impact triggers is a major emphasis of our training. Additionally, through SEO training, students will learn new techniques for increasing website traffic.

Through our SEO Audit course, we aim to improve the aesthetic appeal of the product and its usability. With the help of keywords, typography, colour, and layout, your website will attract more traffic and have better results. In the SEO Certification Course, you get live classes, lifetime access to the latest content and 24/7 support from the trainer. Along with this, the students will be provided with a research-based internship and several projects and assignments that will boost up their careers.

Crash Course by Web Pathshala

Now, let us look at some of the benefits of the crash course

1. The short-term courses focus on giving you practical experience as much as possible. With a deep understanding of SEO, students will know how to function in the real world. 

2. Crash courses can be done at any time. These courses are offered online for the convenience of students. Therefore, students have the advantage of learning wherever they feel like.

3. The demand for website developers and writers is relatively high. Therefore, with this short duration course, students will learn the practical and theoretical knowledge of SEO, digital marketing, website development, etc.

4. SEO and website development are practical and adaptable fields of study. The more experience you gain, the more tech-savvy you get. Thus, these short-term courses are essential as they will add to your CV, leading to your career growth.

5. Digital marketing and SEO are intricate courses. Therefore, through both the crash courses, we offer you the best experience and knowledge.

Why Choose Web Pathshala?

WebPathshala is a modern system that allows students to access all content, training and resources within the same online platform, with an ideal mix between live and on-demand classes.

In this way, we seek to democratise knowledge and give the possibility to thousands of entrepreneurs to access professional quality content, experience and direct support from experts of digital business development.

web pathshala

The SEO Certification Course

Web Pathshala is now offering the Search Engine Optimisation certification course, for those who love to learn maximum within the minimum time. We will teach you how to attract quality traffic, which is considered one of the prominent advantages in the field. SEO helps in PR activities and management. If you wish to move ahead in your career amidst this competition, this is a must-do. You will also learn how to analyse your content and make it concise, understandable, engaging, and readable.

You will also learn how to analyse your content and make it concise, understandable, engaging, and readable.


We hope to offer the best courses to our clients and students. The main aim of providing these courses is to satisfy our clients. Below are some of our clients and their reviews regarding our methods and teaching techniques.

“The digital marketing course of WebPathshala has helped me to achieve traffic for my new website. In addition, they have helped me yield profits through teaching the basics of writing and designing a website.”



“WebPathshala has provided the best courses that have helped me to boost up my career. The teachers are commendable. I do advise undertaking the study.”

Surbhi Joshi


“SEO has always been a mind-bending topic for me. Still, to sustain my gardening online business and website, it was mandatory to understand how digital marketing works and why it is essential for your growth. Therefore, a detailed explanation has been provided to me to write excellent and concise content through the SEO certification course.”

Aastha Sachdeva


“The Digital Marketing course of WebPathshala has been fantastic. It has helped me in yielding better results through online business development and content writing. I appreciate the team for the training service in developing digital projects and optimising digital marketing campaigns.”

Rachit Aggarwal