About Us

Who are We?

WebPathshala is one of Asia’s leading professional training companies that focuses on conferring new-age skills and knowledge to individuals and various organizations.
Being in this field since 1998, we help our students to teach skills that will help them in their professional development. For example, we provided training for digital marketing, search engine optimization, site design improvement, and various other crash courses that will help learners open their new businesses or land in generously compensated positions.  

We are subject matter experts, and through our courses, we emphasize imparting theoretical and practical skills to students. We understand that digital skills have become a necessity, and in a few years, the digital industries will become the highest earners and job-providing platforms. Subsequently, our vision is to bestow vital abilities and knowledge to our students.

In these 23 years of teaching our learners, we have been associated with many other organizations and the best colleges across the nation to create a digital revolution.

What we aim for?

Today, many companies want to use minimal resources and add value to the economy at a holistic level. For this, digital transformation is considered as a way of functioning. This is where we come in. We aim to build an environment that educates and empowers individuals with professional skills to match the industry requirements. We aim to create a better tomorrow, a sustainable world.

What do we offer?

We are a training institute that teaches our learners about the basic skills of digital marketing, E-Mail marketing, Content Marketing, and significantly more. We have grown manifold in these years. With our expert employees and trainers, our main objective is to disseminate the necessary knowledge and skills to the students to carve their future.

Now, the courses that we offer are:

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO (Off-Page and On-Page Content)
  • Crash courses

The digital marketing course will help the students in learning the basics of website development and E-Marketing. In addition, we will guide the students through several methods and techniques of designing a website. 

The SEO course will help the learners understand, implement and teach content creation, content marketing, E-Mail Marketing, etc. In addition, we will give the students an in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization and keyword research. 

The third course we offer is the crash course of digital marketing and SEO. Crash courses are for a shorter duration of time. Thus, the students will have theoretical and practical knowledge of the system. 

We have covered all the aspects of digital education for our students, i.e., coding, designing, SEO, digital marketing, and data analyzing. Our vision and mission are to make our learners fully equipped with all the relevant professional skills.

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