Amazon Backend Keywords or Backend Search Terms

What are backend search terms and keywords?

We’ll look at how to use backend keywords to increase sales, where to locate them, as well as how to make sure they’re searched on Amazon.

Amazon backend keywords are “secret” keywords that can only be utilized in your Amazon Seller Account’s backend section.

It gives Amazon more information about an item and is utilized by the platform to determine where that listing will rank in search results or not.

Amazon backend keywords, like the once-important “HTML tags” for websites, are not physically apparent to individuals browsing any Amazon page. However, their impact on a listing’s organic ranking is just as essential as a listing with well-formatted title and description sections.

In a summary, this allows merchants to target keywords that aren’t available on the product page. Backend keywords allow merchants to produce compelling and accessible text for their product pages while guaranteeing that all commonly identified are indexed by Amazon. As a result, these backend search phrases are critical for increasing exposure and conversions.

Before we go into how to leverage backend keywords, let’s talk about how to get the proper ones in the very first place. When looking for keywords, the first step is to figure out what your consumers are looking for. What phrases or keywords do they use on Amazon when looking for the same product? 

And that’s called the search terms, we need to decide first what search terms we are looking for. 

So, how do find search terms? 

Consider the terms you’d type into a search engine. Your clients are likely to use the same or a close variant of the search word.

When you are working on a product page let’s suppose you are working on an Amazon product page then you need to follow the below points. 

The product title is ~ Infectious Waste Bag McKesson 30 to 33 gal. Red Bag LLDPE 31 X 41 Inch 

Keep in mind you will not use the words which are already used on the product page’s title, description, etc. 

You can take the words from the product’s image and manufacturer’s page that must exist on the product but you can use synonyms, not the exact wordings. 

IMPORTANT – Search term should not be more than 250 character count, it could be between 200 to 250 characters but not less than 200 characters. 

Below are a few examples of search terms that were used for the above title.
Search Terms
Biohazard Disposal sack contagious Grade Hazard symbol Trash Safely emergency room labs garbage can liner  prevents tearing Sanitary Storage heavy-duty Housekeeping contain toxic healthcare facilities Bolsa de Residuos Infecciosos Roja

search terms - Backend Keywords

Search terms will just search terms with the relevancy of the product page but with synonyms. 

Following the search terms, we will find the keywords, see below examples. 

biohazard symbol disposal sack contagious contaminated matter human trash storage trash safely labs garbage can liner prevents tearing sanitary storage heavy duty housekeeping contain toxic healthcare facilities bolsa de residuos infecciosos roja

Quick Guide 

We can follow 03 steps to find search terms and backend keywords. 

  • We can use Amazon directly for the keyword suggestions. 
  • Google’s keyword planner tool
  • Ads at the bottom on Google Search and suggestions 

The above 03 processes will give you an idea of how to take the correct search term and keywords.   

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