What is Google Analytics?


Whether you are a blogger, freelancer, or owner of a company. Tracking your data is one of the most essential tasks because without tracking the data, it is impossible to check the SEO growth and performance.

You will need a tool to check data like site traffic and site conversion because without these basic details, you can’t measure the performance of your site, and the best tool for getting the data is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free analytics platform that most digital marketers, SEO pros, bloggers, and business owners use to check the performance of their site.

In this article, you will get to know about how you can use Google Analytics to measure the performance of your site, and how you can set up Google analytics to get every important data of your business.

How to Set up Google Analytics?

You need to set up an account to use Google analytics and its features. By creating an account, you can get a lot of information about your website and visitors. It provides all the necessary information regarding your site visitors.

By creating an account on Google Analytics, you can get important data related to your website, like:

  • Traffic your site is getting on a daily basis
  • From where your website is getting the traffic (it will show all the sites from where the traffic is coming to your website)
  • Which page or keyword is getting the most traffic
  • The device (mobile or desktop) from where your traffic is coming from
  • Basic information of visitors
  • Which page is getting the most leads

By getting such information, you can analyze the strong and weak points of your website and your marketing process. You get a lot of benefits from the data that you get from Google analytics.

Now you know how Google Analytics can help you and your business by providing the relevant data. So, let’s understand how to set up Google analytics to get all the important information and data regarding your website.

Create a Google Analytics Account

1. Go to Google Analytics, and click Start for Free.

2. To create a Google Analytics account, you will need a Gmail account. If you already have a Gmail then you can use that Gmail account to create the analytics account. If you don’t have Gmail then you will need to create a new Gmail account.

3. Choose, would you like to track, website or app? If you want to track your website then click on the website.

4. Now, Google analytics will ask for some basic information about your website, like:

  • Account Name
  • Website Name
  • Website URL 
  • Industry Category
  • Reporting Time Zone

5. Fill in all the information and click the “Get Tracking ID” button at the bottom.

6. Now, accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service to get the tracking ID of your website. 

7. After accepting the Google Analytics Terms of Service, you will get the unique tracking code that needs to be applied to your website. (Don’t share this code publicly, it’s a unique code and anyone with this code can access information on your website).

8. You have to copy and paste the tracking code to the header or footer of your website. To simplify this process, you can install the “header and footer plugin” on your website. By using this plugin, you can simply paste the code either in the header or footer of your website.

9. To verify that Google analytics is working or not. Visit your Google analytics portal and look at the real-time reports section while opening your site in a different tab or on your phone.

Now, you can track the performance of your website in Google analytics. For further information, you can check out this guide provided by Google to set up a Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics

How to Use Google Analytics?

As you know, you can use Google Analytics whether to get the data of your website or app. But, it doesn’t provide you with only numbers. It gives a lot of information in different formats, such as:

  • Real-time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

In the Real-Time section, you get to know about how many people are currently using your site or reading the article that you have published just now. 

Click Real-Time in your Google Analytics dashboard, and you will get to know about all the actions that have occurred on your site in the last five minutes.

You can see the location of audiences whether the traffic is coming from India or any other country like America, Russia, or Australia.

In the Audience section, you get all the basic information about your audience. You can understand the behavior of your audience. By understanding this, you can target specific sections of your audience to increase the conversion rate.

The Acquisition report provides detailed information on how the audience has found your site, what actions they have taken to find your site, and after landing on your site, what are the different actions and tasks they have performed such as providing email ID, filling out a form.

The Behavior Report provides information/data about the actions audiences take on your site. Like, which page they have opened, which article/content they view, how much time they remain on your site, and many more.

By getting this data, you can know which part of your site is performing well and which is not.

The Conversion report tells you how many users have taken the final actions on your site or we can say that how many people have converted.

Like, how many people made a purchase? How many users registered for your free/paid course? How many users registered for weekly updates? And so on.


Google Analytics provides you with all the basic data that you need to grow your website, app or business. Now, you know how to set up Google Analytics to get data, and how you can use it to measure the performance of your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and set up your Google Analytics account to grow your website traffic, performance, and conversion rate.

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